The 2CA-Braga grants have the goal to promote the clinical research of the investigator initiative, supporting in the design of the project, regulatory process and implementation of the study. It is a program open to the researchers of the 2CA-Braga and their partners, but also to the researchers from other Clinical Research Centers.


Projects Winners

  • “Exploring astrocytic proteins as novel biomarkers of Multiple Sclerosis – ASTROMS” by Fernanda Marques (ICVS/EM-UM)
  • “PTX3-mediated innate regulation of inflammation in sarcoidosis – GENSARC” by Agostinho Carvalho (ICVS/EM-UM)
  • “Neuro-Politics | The neural correlates of political decision-making: an fMRI-based approach ” by Patrício Costa (ICVS/EM-UM)
  • “Smart Walker gait training: a contribute to the rehabilitation of ataxic patients” by Ana Catrina Matias (HB)
  • “Pruritus associated to intrathecal sufentanil: characterization of a surgical population” by José Miguel Pêgo (EM-UM/ICVS) e Paulo Fragoso (HB)
  • “Immunological aging as a trigger for multiple sclerosis” by Margarida Correia-Neves (EM-UM/ICVS)
  • Extraordinarily, 3 additional investigator initiated projects will be sponsored:
    • “Manutenção do cateter venoso central totalmente implantado: necessidade e frequência” by Ema Alves (2CA-Braga/HB)
    • “MEXE-Park: Magnitude do benefício do Exercício Físico na Doença de Parkinson” by Margarida Rodrigues (HB)
    • “Efficacy of local preemptive analgesia in the reduction of pain after tonsillectomy” by Ana Maria Menezes (HB)
  • “Long Term Impact of Prenatal Glucocorticoid Exposure” by Ana João Rodrigues (EM-UM/ICVS)
  • “Treating Refractory Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Using Real – Time Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Neurofeedback” by Pedro Morgado (EM-UM/ICVS/HB)
  • “Architecture and Health: the architectonic environment’s impact in hospital’s daily life” by Ana Sofia Silva (Faculty of Architecture of Porto University)
  • “Impact of modafinil in executive function in multiple sclerosis: an phMRI study” by João José Cerqueira (EM-UM/ICVS/HB)
  • “Antiphospholip syndrome: Identification of new “true antiphospholipid – autoantibodies” by Tiago Gil Oliveira (EM-UM/ICVS/HB)