Via inclusiveness and partnership of people (clinicians, researchers and support staff), structures, materials, equipment and space between the University of Minho and the Hospital de Braga, the 2CA-BRAGA seeks to maximize human, therapeutic, economic and physical resources. Its integrated structure allows for fundamental steps of innovation in multiple dimensions:

  • Products: several prototypes are being developed to provide a better monitoring of biological/biometric signs and symptoms.
  • Tools: a comprehensible clinical platform for data gathering and retrieval is being created.
  • Services: the multimodal monitoring of the population, combined with personalized risk stratification, permits the establishment of individual and adjustable clinical packs.- Processes: a proactive attitude in healthcare takers is foreseen by the use of this health ecosystem. Clinicians and researchers in the 2CA-BRAGA will cooperatively bridge between the clinic and the “bench” actively promoting the monitoring and management of the health status of the population.
  • Social innovation: a paradigm shift is proposed for the patient-physician interplay with the help of the ecosystem through which and the engagement in health maintenance will be significantly amplified.

These dimensions feed directly into the purpose and mission of 2CA-BRAGA of promoting clinical and translational research that is contextually framed with the needs of its surrounding community in the provision of healthcare and research excellence.