The 2CA-BRAGA is localized in the Hospital de Braga and is closely linked to the Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS-3Bs), School of Medicine, within the University of Minho. By offering an ample, fully equipped and quiet space for physical/clinical evaluation and care, the 2CA-BRAGA provides the appropriate space to discuss and provide on clinical-related aspects, for the filling-up of questionnaires and to facilitate diagnostic tests.

Furthermore, the 2CA-BRAGA is integrated with proper facilitates and services (located in immediate-proximity), and the support of nursing and administrative personnel. This support network works in close proximity with the researcher who provides expertise, in developing and testing theory, in support with data analysis and management and technology information.

Finally, the clinicians provide hands-on knowledge on relevant clinical issues, study populations, feasible interventions and study design. Ultimately, through its integrated resources, the 2CA-BRAGA provides a direct contribution for population.