The Clinic Academic Center – Braga, Association (2CA-Braga), is a non-profit partnership, between the University of Minho (UM), through the School of Medicine (EM) and the Life and Health Sciences Research Institute (ICVS), the José de Mello Saúde Group, represented by Hospitals of Braga and CUF-Porto, and Eurotrials – Scientific Consultants.

The 2CA-BRAGA is in a unique and privileged position to ally research with clinical aspects, maximizing the development of innovative biomaterials, diagnostic strategies, regenerative approaches and therapeutic products.

With basis on this health ecosystem infrastructure the 2CA-BRAGA, thus, seeks to strengthen University of Minho’s position as a leader in bioscience innovation and translational research, promoting in unison with the Hospital de Braga the maintenance of health during the lifespan and, most importantly, contributing to add quality to life through innovative breakthroughs.


The 2CA-BRAGA vision is to create a paradigm shift for healthcare: a larger number of subjects can be appropriately monitored and healthcare providers can proactively engage their population into an adjustable healthcare mode.

Strengthening this vision, the 2CA-BRAGA seeks to ensure that medical research breakthroughs lead to direct clinical benefits for patients.

For this, the 2CA-BRAGA will promote projects in clinical, translational research and clinical trials, will host activities of scientific character in the area of health sciences and provide services for the clinical and scientific community.

Feeding back into its supporting communities the 2CA-BRAGA will actively engage in a culture of dissemination of the generated knowledge among the scientific community, health professionals and the general public.